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E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138 | ESTD Year: 2014

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Impact Factor Calculation By Google Scholar h-index

WE Count our Impact Factor based on Google Scholar h-index impact factor of 2018: 5.75 as per h-index calculation

JETIR 6 Year impact factor calculation based on Google Scholar h-index
A = Total number of Google scholar citation in YEAR 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019
B= Total number of Article Published in YEAR 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019
C= Subset of citation and h index is subset of A
D= B/C Total impact factor
A=4550, B=1238 C=215
D=1275/217 = 5.758139534883721
Impact Factor up to YEAR 2018 =5.75

E-ISSN 2348-1269,
P- ISSN 2349-5138
Journal Starting Year (ESTD) : 2014
Impact Factor
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